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You will need an ENET coding cable, Windows laptop and internet connection. We will provide a download link for our application (Feature Installer) and step by step instructions.

Upgrade your BMW's entertainment options with MGU Video in Motion Activation Cable Coding. No more hearing "Are we there yet?" from your passengers during long drives – transform your BMW into an entertainment hub while you focus on the road.

With this cable coding solution, you can activate the Video in Motion feature, bringing your iDrive screen to life with movies that keep your passengers engaged. Say goodbye to restless questions and enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. By activating Video in Motion, you can conveniently play movies from DVDs or USB drives for your passengers. Plus, we can unlock additional services like Office Messages, Online Entertainment, Bluetooth Pairing, and access to the User Manual – all while you're on the move (if these features are already available in your vehicle).

It's important to understand that Services in Motion doesn't introduce new functions that your car doesn't have when parked; instead, it unleashes the potential of the features already present in your BMW. Make your BMW journeys more enjoyable for everyone on board by saying goodbye to boredom and hello to entertainment on the road with MGU Video in Motion Activation Cable Coding.

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