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Which BMW Map Update Should I Select?

Choosing the right BMW map update is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Check Your Current Map Version: Sit in your BMW and press the 'Nav' button, then press the 'Option' button on your controller.

Find the Navigation System Version: Scroll down to the menu's last item titled “Navigation System Version."

This will show you the map version currently in your car. For example, it might say “Road Map Europe Premium 2014-1.”

Select the Correct Update: Based on your current version, choose the appropriate update. If your car has “Road Map Europe Premium 2014-1,” then you need the PREMIUM map version. Other versions like MOTION, MOVE, or NEXT won't work for your car. It's important to select the right version for your BMW.

Use a USB Stick for Update: After purchasing the correct map update, you’ll need a USB stick to transfer the map files. You'll receive detailed instructions on how to copy and update the maps to your car's system.

Remember, selecting the correct map version is crucial for a successful update. If you're unsure about your selection, we encourage you to consult with us before placing an order. Our team is here to assist you.

Understanding the BMW Navigation Update Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updating your BMW's navigation system is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps to ensure a smooth update:

Keep the Engine Running: Start by keeping your car's engine running during the entire update process. Or you can do the update while driving. This is important to avoid any interruptions or problems.

Connect the USB Stick: Insert the USB stick with the map files into the correct USB port in your car. For Premium, Motion, and Move maps, use the USB port located in the passenger side glovebox. For Next, Route, Evo ID4, Evo ID5/ID6 and Way maps, use the USB port in the center console.

Wait for the Pop-Up Screen: After connecting the USB, wait for about 20 seconds. You should see a pop-up screen on your car's display.

Start the Update: Use the iDrive controller to navigate and select the 'Start update' option on the screen.

Enter the FSC Activation Code: When prompted, enter the 20-character FSC code using the iDrive controller. Note: The code does not include the digits “0” and “1” to prevent confusion with the letters “O” and “I”.

Update Process: Once the code is entered, the map data will start updating. Your navigation system will continue to work for basic functions during this update.

Complete the Update: Leave the USB stick inserted until the update process is complete. The system will reboot automatically once the update is successfully installed.

Remember, it's crucial to use the correct USB port and enter the FSC code accurately. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Does a BMW Map Update Void My Vehicle's Warranty?

No, updating your BMW's map will not void your warranty. Here's why:

Direct from BMW Database: We source our map update files and fsc codes directly from the BMW database. This means that the fsc codes used in our updates are exactly the same as those used by BMW dealerships.

Dealership-Level Codes: The FSC codes (Freischaltcode) in our updates are identical to those you would receive from a dealership. These codes are designed to be fully compatible with your BMW's system.

Warranty Safe: Since our updates use official BMW fsc codes and map files, they comply with the standards set by BMW. Therefore, updating your maps with our products will not affect your warranty in any way.

In summary, you can confidently update your BMW's navigation maps with our products without worrying about any impact on your warranty. Our updates are designed to be as reliable and safe as those provided by BMW dealerships.

What's Included in a BMW Service History Check?

The BMW Service History Check offers valuable insights into your car's maintenance history. Here's what's included in this service:

Detailed PDF Report: You'll receive an extensive PDF document that covers every aspect of your car's maintenance journey. This includes warranty work, repairs, and services that have been performed over time.

Complete Maintenance Overview: The report provides a complete overview of your vehicle's maintenance history, allowing you to track all the care and services your car has received in one convenient location.

Insights into Car's Equipment List: Along with maintenance details, the service history check also provides insights into your car's equipment list, offering a clearer understanding of your vehicle's features and specifications.

Informed Maintenance Decisions: With this detailed service history, you can make well-informed decisions about your car's maintenance needs and future care. It's an essential tool for understanding the overall health and performance of your BMW.

Ideal for Various Purposes: Whether you're considering selling your BMW, ensuring it's in top-notch condition, or simply like to maintain thorough records, the BMW Service History Check is a valuable resource.

Authorized Dealer Records: It's important to note that this report will only include jobs completed by authorized BMW dealers.

Can I Activate BMW Apple CarPlay Via USB?

Whether you can code BMW Apple CarPlay via USB depends on your BMW's head unit firmware version. Here's how to determine the right coding method:

Check Your BMW's Firmware Version:

Sit in your BMW and access the Navigation Maps.

Press the Options button, then go to Settings.

Select Position & Version History > Version Information.

Identify the Software Version:

Example of Firmware Version: Your firmware version should appear in a format similar to "NBTevo_P183621".

For Cable Coding: If your software version begins with P, Q, R, S, U, V, W, X, or Y, then cable coding is necessary.

For USB or Cable Coding: If the version starts with a letter before P (O, N, M), you can use either USB or cable coding.

Requirements for Cable Coding: If cable coding is needed, ensure you have an ENET coding cable and a Windows laptop with at least Windows 10.

This process will help you understand if USB coding is feasible for your BMW's Apple CarPlay or if cable coding is required. The firmware version is key to determining the compatible coding method. Cable coding is typically needed for newer firmware versions, while older versions might support both USB and cable coding.

Will Fullscreen CarPlay Add-On Work on My BMW Idrive?

To determine if the fullscreen CarPlay add-on is compatible with your BMW unit, you need to check your BMW's software version. Follow these steps:

Accessing Software Version Information:

Sit in your BMW and go to the Navigation Maps.

Press the Options button and then access the Settings.

Navigate to Position & Version History > Version Information.

Example of Firmware Version: Your firmware version should appear in a format similar to "NBTevo_P183621".

Determining Compatibility:

For P, Q, R, S, U, V, W, X, or Y Versions:

If your software version starts with any of these letters, cable coding is necessary.

For N or O Versions: If the software version starts with N or O, both USB and cable coding are viable options.

Requirements for Cable Coding: If your BMW requires cable coding, ensure you have an ENET coding cable and a Windows laptop with at least Windows 10.

By following these steps, you can easily identify whether your BMW unit is suitable for the fullscreen CarPlay add-on. The key factor is your BMW's software version, which determines the coding method needed for the add-on's compatibility.

What Is the Feature Installer and How Do I Use It?

Feature Installer is a professional coding tool designed for BMW, MINI, Toyota Supra, and Rolls Royce vehicles. Here’s how it works and what it can do:

User-Friendly Design: The tool is crafted for easy use, even for those who are coding for the first time. Its intuitive design makes the coding process straightforward and accessible.

Unlocking Advanced Functions: Feature Installer can unlock a variety of functions in your vehicle. Some of these include: Apple CarPlay and Fullscreen Carplay for BMW and MINI. Evo ID5/6 Video in Motion, MGU Video in Motion activation. It's also compatible with Toyota Supra Apple CarPlay activations and Rolls Royce Apple CarPlay upgrades.

Using the Tool:

Feature Installer Code: Certain features require an unlock code for coding. We can provide these codes as needed.

For Resellers:

Automated Portal: We offer an automated portal for resellers to obtain Feature Installer codes automatically.

Comprehensive Features: The portal also provides FSC codes, BMW service history reports, BMW EVO and NBT coding files, all fully automated.

BMW VIN Decoder: A BMW VIN Decoder is available for instant use.